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The only product out there to fix a slow sticky guitar neck without damaging the paintwork on your guitar, No need for sand paper,  wire wool or a satin respray,  this very special vinyl can turn the surface of any guitar neck into a super fast super smooth satin finish.  Please scroll down for prices.

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Single Pack

Includes: 1 fast play vinyl, 1 squeegee, 1 Non permanent marker, 1 Straight edge, 1 Polishing cloth and 1 x 2ml polish spray.
£ 15

Double Bonus Pack

Includes: 2 Fast Play vinyls, Squeegee, Non perminent marker, 1 Straight edge, 1 Polishing cloth and 2 x 2ml Polish spray
£ 21
Includes Free Delivery

Triple Value Pack

Includes: 3 fast play vinyl, 1 Squeegee, 1 Non permanent marker, 1 Straight edge, 1 polishing cloth, 3 x 2ml polish spray
£ 27

Instuctions and fitting guides

Three very helpful videos

Fast Play Measuring Guide

Get the best fit by following our easy measure guide

Installation Guide

Follow this step by step fitting guide to fit your fast play perfect

Fast Play vinyl too long ?
Follow our easy trimming guide

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